November 30, 2020

14 Migrant Workers run over by goods train in Aurangabad of Maharastra

NFTV: National Desk: At least 14 migrant workers out of 20 were killed after they were run over by goods train in the wee hours of Friday. The incident took place in Gadhejalgaon village in the Aurangabad district of Maharastra.

According to reports, 20 migrants workers who were sleeping on the railway tracks were run over by a goods train carrying petrol and diesel from Nanded to Manmad, The incident took place around 5.15 AM at Gadhejagaon village. after listening to hue and cry of people local villagers rushed to the nearby railway track and rescued five injured migrant workers later all injured workers are taken to a nearby hospital.

According to the injured workers are working for a major steel plant in the neighbouring district of Jalna. The migrants were walking from Jalna to Bhusaval. The distance between the two towns is 157 kilometres. According to Google Maps, the time taken to walk that distance is 31 hours as the lockdown extended they were facing many problems as other migrants workers are facing in the country.

These Chattisgarh bound migrant workers had been walking along the rail tracks and slept on the rail tracks due to exhaustion, he said. The labourers were mowed down by the train at 5.15 am, says officials .

The development comes at a time when stranded migrant labourers across the country are returning to their home states amid the nationwide lockdown. Some of these migrant labourers were forced to walk long distances to their home states as they were unable to find transport.

While states have allowed special trains to transport migrant labourers, some are still finding it hard to sign up for the same.

Meanwhile, many other migrant labourers had already set out on foot before to reach their homes before the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) came out with the order allowing migrant labourers to return home