February 25, 2021

Air India Express aircraft skids of the Runway and breaks into two pieces at Kozhikode airport

Air India Express plane crash left 16 dead and several injured.

NFTV:National Desk: The Air India Express plane, en route from Dubai, skidded off the runway and broke in two pieces at Calicut airport while landing. Rescue efforts are underway, with emergency services at the scene. Meanwhile, 16 people lost their lives including the pilot.

According to the Air India Express authority, there were 184 passengers – including 10 children and seven crew members, of which two were pilots – onboard flight IX-1344 when it crashed in rainy conditions at Calicut.

The Crash:

The pilots of the ill-fated plane attempted to land just before 20:00 local time on Friday, as heavy rainfall lashed the state of Kerala due to the monsoon season.

The DGCA ( Directorate General of Civil Aviation) said the plane fell into a valley and broke in two after skidding off or overshoot the end of the runway. No fire was reported at the time of landing.

Most people on board the Aircraft have been evacuated, with at dozens of them taken to hospital with injuries, some serious, authorities said.”We have at least 89 people, many of them with serious injuries, admitted at different hospitals in Kozhikode. The ambulances are still coming in and taking injured to hospitals,” a senior police official, Sujith Das