March 29, 2023

Alliance Air to Start flight services between Jharsuguda-Kolkata

NFTV:Odisha: Jharsuguda: Air India’s subsidiary airline Alliance Air to start flight services between Jharsuguda and Kolkata on the RCS-UDAN scheme from the 27th of January 2020. As the information provided by Airport Director Mr. Sudesh Kumar Chouhan Alliance Air flight to be take off on 11.45 AM from Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Airport, Kolkata and it will reach VSS Airport at 1.15 PM and the flight will be flown back to Kolkata at 1.45 PM it will be reached to Kolkata 3.15 PM, the time scheduled will be changed from 31st of January. the reschedule time table is Alliance Air to provide direct flight between Jharsuguda and Varanasi via Bhubaneswar.

Below the information given by Abhijit Satapathy, Station Manager Alliance Air, Jharsuguda

Alliance Air will be commencing flights on Kolkata-Jharsuguda-Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar-Varanasi-Bhubaneshwar sectors under RCS-UDAN scheme with ATR72 aircraft as per details given below:
27th January 2020 to 30th January 2020
Flight Number: 9I-745 from Kolkata -11.45 AM to Jharsuguda -01.15 PM– Daily (RCS Flight)9I-746 from Jharsuguda -01.45 PM to Kolkata 03.15 PM – Daily  (RCS Flight)
Rescheduled time table from 31st January 2020

9I-745 Kolkata -05.50AM to Jharsuguda – 07.20 AM– Daily (RCS Flt)9I-749, from Jharsuguda 07.45 AM to Raipur – 08.50 AM – Daily (RCS Flt),  9I-750 from Raipur -09.15 AM to Jharsuguda- 10.20 AM – Daily (RCS Flt), 9I-747 from Jharsuguda 10.45 AM to Bhubaneswar 11.50 AM – Daily (RCS Flt), 9I-747 from Bhubaneswar 12.15 PM to Varanasi 02.05 PM – Daily (RCS Flt), 9I-748 from Varanasi 02.30 PM to Bhubaneswar 04.20 PM – Daily (RCS Flt), 9I-748 from Bhubaneswar 04.45 PM to Jharsuguda 05.50 PM – Daily (RCS Flt), 9I-746 Jharsuguda 06.15 PM to Kolkata 07.45 PM – Daily (RCS Flt)