May 9, 2021

Anti Citizenship Amendment Act Protest:Hum Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge, Inqalab Zindabad Jadhavpur University Gold Medalist tears the copy of CAA .

NFTV:Kolkata: The protest against the discriminatory and anti corruption Citizenship Amendment Act becoming bigger and more powerful day by day . One gold medalist from Jadhavpur University which is a bastion of anti establishmesnt protest once again showing it’s bold character against fascism . Kagaz Nahin Dikhayenge, Inquilab Zindabad: Jadavpur University gold medalist tears CAA copy

A brave student named Debsmita Chowdhury, from the Department of International Relations, went up on stage to receive her degree with a copy of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and tears the paper in front of the students and audiences and she looked at the audience and announced, “Hum Kagaz Nahin Dikhayenge (I will not show my papers).”