May 9, 2021

Anti War Protest at Times Square in New York City

NFTV : World Desk: There’s a pretty big anti-war protest going on right now in Times Square New York City, against US war on Iran and Iraq again. Anti-War Protest against Trump has already started. According to some foreign affairs experts, after the death of top Iranian Commander Qassem Soleimani in US Airstrike, Iran vows for severe consequences and revenge. Iran declared war on its own against those who are involved in this murder meanwhile US secretary of state Mike Pompeo talking to leaders or of other countries like China and Russia to defuse the tension, but the mood of Iran is not to give up. The US already involved in many wars from Afghanistan to Iraq and many proxy wars like Ukraine, Libya and Syria even spent billions of taxpayers money in these warmongering adventurism. Iran is neither Iraq nor Afghanistan, it has a more powerful military articulated missile force, If the US going to a conventional war against Iran it may be second Vietnam for the USA because Iran has already has support Russia and China and have many proxies in the Middle East. So battle with Iran would be catastrophic for the USA .