June 20, 2021

VIDEO: BJP leader Amitabh Sinha says ” Hum Godse Birodhi Nahi Hain

Kanhaiya Vs Amitabh Sinha

NFTV:India : India Today channel broadcast a discussion on the JNU violence issue between firebrand Youth leader from CPI Kanhaiya Kumar and BJP leader Amitabh Sinha and the discussion was moderated by renowned journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. From the beginning of this discussion, the BJP representative was seemingly back foot on the issue of violence in JNU by fascist goons. After the sting by India Today it’s quite clear RSS student wing ABVP is clearly behind the attack as the Akshat Awasthy who is a member of ABVP JNU unit caught saying in the sting he had led the complete attack and mobilise those masked attackers, but the discussion is becoming very hot and interesting as the BJP representative try to divert the issue and he trying to move the subject from JNU violence and ABVP to Communism and Mao and Stalin. in the meantime Kanhaiya Kumar trapped him with his skillful oratory and he says, I am telling Mao Murdabad and Stalin Murdabad, Kanhaiya asks to Amitabh Sinha Mussolini Kaisa admi tha? Rajdeep asks to Amitabh Sinha aap Hitler Birodhi hai na? Than Kanhaiya Asks Amitabh Sinha Aap Godse Birodhi Hain Ke Nahi Hain Batayea Desh Ko ? Than Amitabh Sinha answers that Hum Godse Birodhi Nahi Hain . Kahaiya Clapped and says Sabash “well done ” Aap Desh Drohi hai it means you are an anti-national . Jo Godse ka samarthan Karta Hai Desh main woh Desh Drohi hai. But the biggest dilemma of India those who are supporting and endorsing the murder of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi nowadays they are issuing the certificate of patriotism. After Kanhaiya bashed Amitabh Sinha on the issue of Godse, Kanhiya and Godse suddenly started trending in social networking site twitter.