May 9, 2021

Breaking News: US Embassy in Baghdad Comes Under Rocket Attack

Rocket hits Green Zone and Balad Airbase

NFTV : World Desk : Breaking News: The US Embassy located in Green Zone and Balad Airbase comes under rocket attack following the assassination of top commander of Iran Qassem Soleimani.

107mm and 122mm unguided rockets are launched by IRGC proxies at Baghdad‘s GreenZone which have hit in the vicinity of the USEmbassy just seconds ago. USEmbassy is now closed and its personnel are transferred to shelter.

US Embassy in Baghdad Comes Under Rocket Attack, One rocket fell nearby the US embassy in Baghdad. The rocket fell in celebrations sqaure in the GreenZone close to US Embassy, Rocket attack on Balad airbase northern Baghdad that host US military personnel. In total two blasts heard in Baghdad. One rocket fired towards al-Jadriyah close to the Presidential complex and the other one landed in vicinity of US embassy. Four Katyusha rockets landed in Balad airbase northern Baghdad. At least three Iraqi military personnel wounded by rocket attack in Balad airbase, and in Baghdad .Reports emerging over blast inside Kindi military base in Mosul, northern Iraq. The US military personnel based in Qayara southern Mosul. Not sure about their presence in Kindi base.