November 30, 2020

Caught on CCTV

Thief Prayed At The Temple Before Stealing The Deity’s Golden Crown In Hyderabad

In a CCTV footage from Hyderabad showing a thief enters into  at the Durga Bhavani temple in Fateh Maidan ,  before stealing the deity’s golden crown the thief was also seen bowing and circumambulating several times before holding his ears and doing sit-ups in front of the deity.

After ensuring that no one was around, he grabs the crown and calmly detaches it from a securing chain. He was again seen praying and seeking forgiveness by holding his ears and doing sit-ups. CCTV footage released by officials at Abids Police Station shows a man walking into the temple at 6:20 pm on Wednesday evening.  CCTV footage from outside the temple shows the thief leaving on a motorcycle.