March 21, 2023

Citizenship Amendment Bill Protest: Why voting for Naveen Patnaik was an electoral crime, Blog by: Richard Mahapatra

Richard Mahapatra

By: Richard Mahapatra: Why voting for Naveen Patnaik was an electoral crime: Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik speaks in short sentences, and even in shorter spans. For over 20 years he is a regional party leader who is being spoken and talked about at national political corridors with clarity that match his short responses to any grave questions. It is a sign of his clarity in politics and purpose. Voting a regional party to the Indian parliament comes with lots of internal debates and dilemma. What would his party represent in parliament for us Odias. For a person who is religiously pursuing the grand idea of India as scripted in the constitution, I also felt so: for what would I vote his regional party’s candidates to Parliament? I expected him to defend the constitution, my aspirations as an Indian, while doing his bit for Odisha being in power for many years.His party’s vote in support of the amendments to the Right To Information Act, the CAB, and in many other occasions just lending support to many misplaced decisions like demonetization have further precipitated doubts over Patnaik’s own credibility in defending the basics an Odia and an Indian would aspire to it.What “interests” of Odisha/Odias were served by Patnaik’s decision to support CAB? What transparency agenda was strengthened by his support to RTI amendments? Where did corruption and black money go by supporting demonetization?Patnaik has failed in defending my belief in Indian constitution. He has also put a question on the effectiveness of regional parties in defending their voters’ Indian aspirations and constitutional values.I recall my vote for you Mr Patnaik. I prefer to be voteless than being it misused for diluting all the values that India stands for. RIP: Your leadership.