March 21, 2023

Containment Zone imposed in Belpahar

NFTV:Odisha: Jharsuguda: Today Jharsuguda district administration imposed Containment Zone after the detection of a COVID-19 positive case in Belpahar.COVID-l9 has been tested positive in the Temporary Medical Centre at Jagannath Kalyan Mandap, Belpahar of Belpahar Police Station and it is necessary to have time and effort for contact tracing up to the last mile and point so that the scope of transmission is eliminated and the fledgling chain is broken’. The TMC at Jagannath KalyanMandap Belpahar where the quarantined inmate has been
tested positive is considered the focal point, a circumference around that as per the following
the description is hereby declared as the zone of containment’ Further there will be an outer
circumference and the area intersticed is declared “Buffer”.

Boundry of Containment Zone :

The containment-zone shall be comprised of the boundary as delineated below’Balaji Boundary start Point – Balaji Boundary. End Point-Jagannath Mandir (west)-Temple Square -BalajiBoundary Start Point’.

Boundry of the Buffer Zone

The Buffer-zone shall be comprise of the boundary as sketched below.
Ganesh Mandir Chowk -Simplex Chowk-Dr. Samal Gali – Bhola Lakhanis House
-Biswanath Agrawal’s House – Maa Rani Satee Mandir – Infornt of Samda U.P School
-Jagannath Temple Boundary – Ramakanta Meher’s House – Ganesh Mandir Chowk .

Map of Belpahar Containment and Buffer zone .

The vehicular movement in totality both in public and private is stopped in the
containment zone excluding the vehicles permitted for the supply of essential items, medicines, health surveillance, sanitization, and other necessary activity to be undertaken by District Administration and to be used by the police for enforcement of Law and Order and conformity to stipulations. In the Buffer-zone movement of vehicles will be permitted for transportation of essential items from wholesale to retail shops. However permission for the purpose will be accorded by the Collector & District magistrate, .Iharsuguda. All the Shops and business establishments irrespective of the scale and size of containment-zone will be closed with immediate effect. The wholesale points if located in the Buffer-zone will remain open from
07.00 AM to 01.00 PM. The supply chain of medicine and other essential items will be kept
uninterrupted by the District Administration.

All the inhabitants of the Containment-zone will stay in-door and this is to be followed
without deviation. Violation will invite strict penal action. The institutions and establishments in the Containment-zone enjoying exemption of lockdown in the Containment area will remain closed. All Govt. and Private Institutions both in Containment & Buffer zone are closed. The
closure and seizure of operation as enunciated in the order of lockdown i.e. No. 6078/Emg.
Dated.l g.04.2020wi11 be adhered to and the exemption allowed therein will seize to operate both in Containment & Buffer zone. The following officers will act as Nodal Officers to ensure
a smooth supply of essentials and sanitization of the Crintainment-zone.