March 30, 2023

Coronavirus: Bihar bound truck loaded with fifty people detained at Brajrajnagar of Odisha

NFTV: Odisha: Brajrajnagar: Fifty people going by truck detained at Brajrajnagar of OdishaSeeing no transportation available to reach home, now people are exploring innovative ways to travel. Such an incident came to light when Brajrajnagar police detained one truck loaded with 50 people going towards Bihar from the Bandhbahal region of the Jharsuguda district. Acting on the tip of information,  the Brajrajnagar police stopped this truck bearing number BR-24-GA-9449 from Gandhi chowk area. All the detained people are the truck drivers working in coal mine area of the Ib Valley and Lakhanpur area. They all are kept in a school in Gandhi Chowk and senior officials reached the spot. A case is to be filed said the police to the NFTV.