June 20, 2021

Coronavirus: could be the first death due to novel COVID-19 reported in Karnataka

NFTV :Karnataka: Bangaluru: A 76-year-old man suspected to be infected with Coronavirus ( novel COVID-19 ) dies in Karnataka ‘s Kalaburagi.If the tests come out to be positive, it would mark India’s first casualty due to the deadly virus.

The deceased Mohammed Hussain Siddiq was being treated at a hospital in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, for showing symptoms like breathlessness, cold and cough.

Siddiq was being treated for around three days when his family members decided to take him to Hyderabad for better treatment.”Symptomatic treatment was given to him, their family members decided to shift him to Hyderabad,” Siddiq died on his way back from Hyderabad in the ambulance last night. “His samples and blood have been taken and sent to National Institute of Virology, Bangalore. But reports have still not been received. It (death due to Covid-19) is not confirmed but only suspected, said Sharat. B, the Deputy Commissioner of Kalaburagi.

Karnataka health department officials were quick to say that it was “early ” to say that the death was due to COVID 19 “His sample for Covid -19 has been collected and sent for testing. The media is requested to help the government in creating awareness and not creating panic,” according to a statement by a senior official at the Karnataka health department.