March 21, 2023

Cough syrup racket busted by Jharsuguda police, Four-person arrested

NFTV: Odisha: Jharsuguda: Cough syrup racket busted by Jharsuguda Police. On Sunday late evening Jharsuguda police caught a gang of Four-person with 200 bottles of Wincirex cough syrup, according to Jharsuguda town police while they were conduction motor vehicle checking at Sunarimunda Chak of Jharsuguda town, in the meantime, four-person were in two two-wheelers reached the place of MV checking police stopped them started checking the documents of the two-wheelers one TVS Apache OD-14-A-8056 and another Honda Activa OD-23-H-7318, police personnel located two consignments box while they checked the boxes and got to know that the Four persons are illegally smuggling 200 bottles of Cough syrup. police detained all four namely Shyamlal Dubai, Jackey Dumbai of Hatlipada of Jharsuguda , Paramananda Patel of Malipad of Jharsuguda and Sushanta Patel of Khetrajpur, Sambalpur, later all four are arrested by Jharsuguda police have been registered a case against them under 21 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic act , and forwarded all of them to court. but the fact is cough syrups are considered as medicine only when used for therapeutic purposes. However, there have been reports that a few syrups are being used as a psychotropic drug. The reason behind the demand for the cough syrup is its high Codeine content which is consumed by addicts.