March 30, 2023

Fake wine factory busted in Brajrajnagar

NFTV: Odisha: Brajrajnagar: A special squad of the Excise department has arrested two persons with a large quantity of counterfeit foreign liquor from Ganeshnagar in Brajrajnagar town.

A team of Sambalpur Excise Department Special Squad raided the Ganeshnagar area near Telenpali in Brajrajnagar area this morning without informing the local authorities and informed them that a fake liquor factory was operating there , Confiscated fake labels and wine. Shiv Kumar Sanra and Saroj Kumar Sanra, two brothers who were making counterfeit liquor and also counterfeit liquor from Arunachal Pradesh and Jharkhand, were arrested and forwarded to court, while the father of the two accused fled the from the counterfeit wine making unit.