June 20, 2021

Filmmaker Ronny Sen attacked by right-wing goon for opposing CAA , NRC in Kolkata

NFTV : Kolkata : Well know filmmaker and professor Romney Sen allegedly attacked by a right wing goon , according to Ronny Sen on Monday 30th of December , He filed a police complaint alleging that he was attacked for participating in anti CAA, NRC protest . in a Facebook post Ronney named a person Avijit Dasgupta , who was been allegedly following him on Facebook and harassing him for his anti CAA and NRC posting . This person Avijit Sengupta called him and starts abusing Ronney on the night of 28th December. The accused was very angry because of Ronney’s anti NRC and Anti CAA postings , On Monday night Avijit Dasgupta attacked Ronney with a Machete known as Bhojali in local languages .


After the attack Ronney wrote a post on Facebook and stated that ” I am safe and unhurt. immediately , I lodged a police complaint last night .it such revelation that attacking , Killing , Shoiting, people in that name of nationalism is so normal in today’s India