October 3, 2022

Five-litre petrol as a wedding gift in Jharsuguda of Odisha

NFTV:Odisha:Jharsuguda: There is an innovative protest by a few youths in Jharsuguda on petrol price rise as they gifted five-litre petrol as a wedding gift to their friend at his wedding reception. This unusual gift has sent a message to people at large as the concerned youths who have gifted this petrol appealed the government to reduce the petrol price as already the international crude oil is lowered down. The youths told NFTV that the price rise has affected the lives of middle-class people and the fall out is that the essential commodities have been costlier now. According to the information, one Debashish Patnaik of Purunabasti locality has recently been married and organised a reception party where his friends gifted him the same. The jar with petrol was wrapped with ribbon and the photo posed has been trending in social media handles in Jharsuguda locality.