January 17, 2021

Girls from Delhi’s Gargi College alleges mass molestation

NFTV : New Delhi: Report by Noor Fatima: A shameless incident on 6th Feb at Gargi College, Girls been sexually harassed by middle-aged men chanting “communal slogans” but college administrators are silent. Safe space has been destroyed by right-wing goons by a nearby rally inside Gargi College Fest – Reverie, on 6th February. Girls were sexually harassed by middle-aged men chanting “communal slur” present in large numbers on the third day of the fest leading no possible place to walk inside the college campus in a drunken state. Those men were clearly not college students and in a while, the campus which is supposedly a girls’ campus was full of right-wing goons of wildly playing with girls bodies like a toy leading them to an unconscious state. College campus was destroyed by the goons and as per the report one girl was locked up inside the washroom by the men and another couldn’t breathe because of Asthma in such a huge crowd. 100s of men were seen bullying, harassing and following girls to their pgs leading them into a deep trauma.


In this yet another me-too moment there arises a question on the management team that how could they let people enter the premises without any verification. There was no help from both student union as well as the college principal. As per one of the witness when couple of seniors approached the principle questioning their safety the reply from the other side was quite discouraging and disheartening. The only thing their principal had to say them was that “if you all feel so unsafe inside the campus then it’s better not to come”This kind of response is totally unacceptable even after a student says that she was- “hit on the back and was groped”. Students are demanding principal’s resignation as she refused to help students during such a chaotic situation. Such act started from premium educational institutions like JNU and Jamia has now become a new normal. People are playing filthy games with the prestige and dignity of the safe spaces of University and college campuses.