March 30, 2023

Hollywood actor John Cusack condemned the police brutality on students of Jamia Milia

NFV :World: Hollywood actor John Cusack came out with the students Jamia Milia Islamia , Cusack has shown his solidarity and equally condemning the police brutality on the students of Jamia while they are protesting against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act, especially the way Delhi police behave like goons and entered inside the library and Mosque of Jamia Milia Islamia mercilessly beaten the students. Cusack posted the video in which wounded students of Jamia laying down in the washroom are shown. Cusack posted the quotation of Arundhati Roy “Fascists in India trying to set students against each other, to cover economics collapse and demonetization but they are standing together in solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters , this is fascism everywhere – Them or us.

Cusack observing closely the ongoing protest against the discriminatory Citizenship amendment.