March 30, 2023

Hotel Mayfair Gopalpur sealed for 7 days for violation of social distancing norms

NFTV:Odisha:Berhampur: Ganjam district administration today sealed Hotel Mayfair in Gopalpur for 7 days for violation of COVID-19 social distancing for a marriage party.

The action of the district administration came after the violation of Covid-19 norms has been reported from Gopalpur in Ganjam district after hundreds of grooms relative ( Barati ) even groom also spotted dancing without mask without masks during a marriage procession on Thursday 2nd July.

Ganjam district administration sealed the hotel, after a video of marriage procession goes viral in social media in which the barati and the groom himself seen dancing without the mask and no one obeyed the social distancing norms for the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking cognizance of the matter police on Saturday has also arrested the father and uncle of the groom.