March 21, 2023

Jharsuguda district court complex sealed for 72 hours after a lawyer tested positive for COVID-19

NFTV:Odisha: Jharsuguda: The Jharsuguda district court complex has been sealed for 72 hours after a female lawyer tested positive for the COVID-19. According to the report the lawyer is from the Dipupada containment zone area. According to reports the lawyer has violated COVID-19 guidelines and came to Jharsuguda court. Jharsuguda administration imposed the containment zone in Dipupada after one person tested positive for COVID-19. The COVID regulation says that no one can come in or go out from the containment zone area until the active surveillance is not completed or the results of the test. But, the lawyer didn’t obey the COVID-19 regulations and visited the Jharsuguda court, but on the 20th of August, the lady lawyer also tested positive for COVID-19. After the lawyer tested positive the Jharsuguda district administration sealed the court complex for 72 hours. The Jharsuguda district court complex will be reopened after the active surveillance and proper sanitization. Meanwhile, Today Executive Officer of Jharsuguda Municipality Mr. Rama Chandra Pradhan and COVID Magistrate Mr. G.B. Mangaraj jointly lodged an FIR against the lady lawyer for violating the COVID-19 guidelines.