March 31, 2023

Jharsuguda Lahandabud mass suicide attempt: Fourth death reported in VIMSAR, Burla

NFTV:Odisha: Sambalpur: Fourth death reported in Jharsuguda Lahandabud mass suicide attempt case, around 10 am on Friday the second daughter of the Biswal family died while undergoing treatment at VIMSAR, Burla. The deceased has been identified as Bandita Biswal aged about 35 years old. earlier other three members Pushpabati Biswal 56, Pinky Biswal 31, and Srikant Biswal died after consuming phenyl.

According to reports, On June 1st late night Pushpabati Biswal along with her three daughters and one son consumed phenyl after the death of her youngest son Deepak Biswal 24.

On the 2nd of June, the deceased Bandita Biswal told Media before being referred to VIMSAR Burla. “My brother Deepak was bedridden after sustaining grievous injuries in a road accident in 2018. He was in Coma and treated for seven months in a private hospital in Bhubaneswar. He died last evening around 10 pm. We loved our brother very much he equally loved us very much. Grieved over his death, we decided to die along with his and consumed phenyl and herbicides. Unfortunately, Bandita died while undergoing treatment in VIMSAR, Burla.