March 30, 2023

Jharsuguda town to be shutdown for 7 days from Sunday

NFTV:Odisha: Jharsuguda: In view of increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases Jharsuguda district administration order the seven days shutdown of Jharsuguda town (Municipality).The shutdown will come into force from Sunday 30th of August to the 5th of September.

District Collector to impose area-specific reasonable restrictions and such regulations as deemed necessary to contain the spread of COVID-I9. Currently, more than 180 COVID positive cases have been found in different areas of the Jharsuguda town in the last seven days and the rate of positivity in the area is growing.

1.This order will be applied to Jharsuguda Municipal town only.

2. There will be no weekend shutdown on 29.08.2020 (Saturday). On the said day other measures with regard to social distancing and night curfew and hours of business as ordered earlier will come into force.

3. Jharsuguda town in entirety will be shutdown for seven days i.e. from 30.8.20202 to 5.9.2020. On all these days sale of grocery items, vegetables, milk, egg, fish and other non-veg products will take place from 6.oo AM to 11.oo AM.

4.  Medicine shops will remain operational as usual.

5. Except for medical emergency and allowed activities, the only pedestrian movement will be allowed in the permitted hours.

6. Since Industries will be allowed to operate, the authorities concerned will ensure the bus movement of workers as they do on the days of weekend shutdown. No other ordinary movement will be allowed except to and fro Airport and Railway Station. Railway and Bank employees will move to their workplaces by their own conveyance including- two-wheelers only on production of Identity Card’.

7.Movement for maintenance of other essential services like Telecom, Cable network Water supply, sanitation, cleaning (Municipality), repair of the home. appliances will be allowed. However the persons, concerned have to testify, adequately to this effect.

8. All shop/business establishments except the ones allowed in the given hours will remain closed.

9. ENFORCEMENT – There will be strict enforcement of all norms which stood prior to the promulgation of this office order and the ones that will follow by this notification. Acts of violation will invite heavy monetary penalty, besides being sued under appropriate sections of IPC. Such penalties will be imposed for offenses like not wearing masks, unauthorized movement, violation of social distancing, the opening of shops, spitting in a public place, etc which will tantamount to deterrence.

10. Specific order for M/s. Bhusan Steel & Power Ltd. employees -1/3rd employees of M/s BSPL staying in Jharsuguda whose list has already been obtained by the district Administration, Jharsuguda will be home quarantined for ten days from 31.8.2020 to 9.9.2020 This arrangement of ten days compulsory quarantine for the rest 2/3rd employees of M/s. BSPL residing in Jharsuguda will be materialized in the subsequent two phases. The Home Quarantine will be identified with stickering and in this period the family members of the concerned employees will remain limited to their premises unless there is exigency warranting eventual outing. In the period of quarantine, they will undergo active door-step surveillance and if necessary test of the swab.