March 21, 2023

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Special team of Chattisgarh police intensifies investigation in Kalpana Dash murder case .

NFTV : Odisha : Jharsuguda: Two separate teams of Chattisgarh police today intensifying its probe into the high profile Kalpana Dash and her daughter Prabhati Das murder case. On murder case reported on 7th of May 2016 in Chakradhar Nagar police station in Raigarh of neighbouring Chattisgarh state. on 12th of February, Chattisgarh police arrested former MLA of Brajrajnagar Anup Sai in connection with this murder case and on 14th February late night Chattisgarh police arrested Bardhan Toppo driver of Anup Sai.

Today a four-member team of Chhattisgarh police today arrived at Brajrajnagar to check and examine bank accounts and transaction details of Anup Sai and Kalpana Das and collect evidence. The police team also visited Lamitibahal State Bank of India branch and UCO bank MCL branch, where Anup Sai have accounts, for the examination of monetary transactions.

Besides, another police team reached Bagarchaka village and have been served notice to Anup Sai’s nephew to present in Chakradharnagar police station with the Bolero and Innova vehicles used in the murder and Chattisgarh police also server notice to deceased Kalpana Das’s sister in law Rina Dash to appear in person at the Chakradharpur police station tomorrow.