March 30, 2023

One deaf and dumb child reunited with family through CHILDLINE network

NFTV : Odisha : Jharsuguda : One deaf and dumb male child aged about 14 years was rescued from Railway station, Jharsuguda from 6th July 2017 at 9.50 p.m. by CHILDLINE, Jharsuguda with the support of GRPS. After rescue,the child was produced before Child Welfare Committee, Jharsuguda on the very next day of the rescue date. As per CWC order, the child had been staying at Utkal Kalyan Seva Sangha, Brundamal, Jharsuguda. When Government directed all children to avail Aadhaar card, the child also availed the Aadhaar Card at Jharsuguda by giving his finger prints. Once it was taken the finger prints, it matched with his previous Aadhaar card database which had been made with her parents and then, it was known that the child belonged to a family living in Khamtarai,Raipur.
Then the Chairperson of Child Welfare Committee Anandini Padhi had requested to CWC, Raipur for tracing out the family address of the child. They could not trace out the family address of the child. Then CWC, Jharsuguda requested to CHILDLINE, Jharsuguda to traceout the family address through CHILDLINE network. The CHILDLINE Centre Coordinator Ashish Kumar Panda took immediate action and found the family address of the child through the help of Raipur CHILDLINE and CHILDLINE India Foundation through the CHILDLINE network and identified the parents of the child. On 6th February 2020, father and maternal uncle of the child along with police of Khamtarai appeared before Child Welfare Committee with the coordination with Jharsuguda CHILDLINE and as per CWC order, the child was handed over to his father.
The special abled child reunited with his family after two and half years through CHILDLINE Network. After getting his son, father and uncle of the child have given special thanks to CHILDLINE Jharsuguda.