March 30, 2023

Odisha: Goods train derails between Talcher-Angul road due to rainwater flooding tracks

NFTV:Angul: A goods train derails at Bhogaberini near Talcher of Angul district in Odisha. According to railway sources the derailment results by the heavy rain which flooding the railway tracks.

The wagons carrying wheat plunged into the river around 2.30 am, but the loco pilot and other staff were reported to be safe as the engine remained on the track, they said.

Heavy rain in the wake of a deep depression in the Bay of Bengal is likely to have caused the accident on a bridge over river Nandira when the goods train was on its way from Firozpur to Khurda Road, the officials said.

Following the incident, the ECoR has cancelled 12 trains, diverted routes of eight others and short terminated another, they added.

Accident relief trains from Sambalpur and Khurda Road have been despatched to the spot, where senior officials are reviewing the restoration work.

12 Trains that have been cancelled and diverted owing to the derailment:

List of the trains which have been cancelled are:

• 08451: HTE-PURI SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 08452: PURI-HTE SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 08425: PURI-DURG SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 08426: DURG-PURI SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 08127: ROU-GNPR SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 08493: GNPR-ROU SPL cancelled on 15.09.2021
• 08105: ROU-PURI SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 02861: ROU-BBS SPL to be short terminated at SBPY on 14.09.2021 and empty rake to move to ROU
• 08106: PURI-ROU cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 02862: BBS-ROU SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 02866: PURI-LTT cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 08493: BBS-BLGR SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021
• 08494: BLGR-BBS SPL cancelled on 14.09.2021

The trains which have been diverted are:

• 02814: ANVT-BBS SPL (JCO 13.09.21) diverted VIA CKP-JRLI-JKPR
• 08503: VSKP-ASR SPL KO 14.09.21) now at KIT diverted VIA VZM-SPRD-TIG-SBP
• 08426: DURG-PURI SPL (JCO 13.09.21) now at BONA diverted VIA SBP-TIG-SPRD-VZM-PSA-KUR
• 08451: HTE-PURI SPL (JCO 13.09.21) now at ANGL diverted VIA SBP-TIG-SPRD-VZM-PSA-KUR
• 02145: LTT-PURI SPL (JCO 12.09.21) now at ANGL diverted VIA SBP-TIG-SPRD-VZM-PSA-KUR
• 04709: BKN-PURI SPL (JCO 12.09.21) now at RAIR diverted VIA SBP-TIG-SPRD-VZM-PSA-KUR
• 08128: GNPR-ROU SPL (JCO 13.09.21) now at TLHD diverted VIA KIS-JKPR-JRLI
• 02037: PURI-AII SPL (JCO 13.09.21) now at BDPK diverted VIA KUR-PSA-VZM-SPRD-TIG