March 30, 2023

Partial Shutdown at SMC plant after 8 workers tested positive for COVID-19

NFTV:Odisha:Jharsuguda: Management of SMC plant at Hirma of Jharsuguda decided to imposed partially shutdown some areas of the industry including Power plant and kiln of the plant after 8 of its workers tested positive of COVID-19. According to sources, On the 31st of July, one worker tested positive for COVID-19. On the 2nd of August, two workers tested positive. On 3rd of July, two workers tested positive, and on the 6th of July, three workers tested positive. After eight positive cases detected from the workers of the plant panic and fear grip under the villagers of Hirma. Today villagers stage a dharna outside the main gate of the SMC plant. Later the management decide to shutdown the Power plant and kiln of the plant for sanitization drive.