September 16, 2021

President Lukashenko says president election will be held in Belarus after new constitution adopted

NFTV:International Desk: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said Monday a presidential election will be held in Belarus after the country is adopted a new constitution at a referendum.

“We need to adopt a new constitution, which you wanted and those who prefer alternatives would be okay with. It should be adopted at a referendum because we adopted the previous constitution at a referendum, and if you want, there should be elections based on the new constitution — parliamentary, presidential, municipal,” Lukashenko said at a meeting with workers at MZKT vehicle plant, as aired by Belarus 24 broadcaster.

Belarus has seen a wave of protests since the presidential election held on August 9. According to official results, President Lukashenko won over 80 percent of the vote. The Belarusian opposition refused to recognize the results, and people took to the streets demanding a new election.