March 21, 2023

Sambalpur district crosses one thousand mark of COVID-19 positive cases with the detection of 14 new cases

NFTV:Odisha:Sambalpur: 14 new COVID-19 positive cases reported in Sambalpur district. With the detection of these cases tally reached to 1001. 
1- 42 years male.2- 28 years male.3- 40 years female.4- 23 years male.5- 26 years female.6- 5 years female.   Near Gopalji Math,contact case.
7- 56 years male.8- 46 years female.9- 15 years female.   Stationpada, contact. case.
10- 30 years female, Bareipali, detected during active surveillance.
11- 23 years female, Kumbharpada, detected during active surveillance.
12- 50 years female.13- 28 years male.14- 27 years female. Stationpada,contact case.
   All cases are asymptomatic and being shifted to the dedicated COVID facility. Contact tracing is under progress.