March 21, 2023

Sambalpur district reports 102 new COVID-19 cases tally reaches to 2745

NFTV:Odisha:Sambalpur: 102 new COVID-19 positive cases reported in Sambalpur district. With the detection of these cases tally reached to 2745 . Total active 925, recovered 1806 and 14 death reported so far.

1-38 years male(Covid Warrior),CRPF camp,Jail Chowk,Active Surveillance

2-65 years female,Jalangali, Khetrajpur,Active Surveillance case

3-45 years male,Haldimilpada, Khetrajpur, active surveillance case

4-27 years female, Attachakipada,Burla, Active Surveillance case

5-45 years male, Bhawani field , Dhanupali,Active Surveillance case

6-57 years female
7-27 years female
8-43 years female
9-30 years male
10-35 years female
Attachakipada, Burla, Active Surveillance case

11- 21 years female, Kalibadi,Active Surveillance case

12-65 years female, Explosive colony, active surveillance case

13-27 years male
14-65 years male
Govidtola,Active Surveillance case

15-19 years male, Attachakipada,Burla, Active Surveillance case

16-25 years female, Govidtola, Active Surveillance case

17-4 years male, Attachakipada,Burla, active surveillance case

18-35 years female
19-59 years female
Govidtola, Active Surveillance case

20-35 years male,
21-60 years male
22-85 years male
23-31 years female
Jhankarpali, Jujumora,Contact case

24-35 years male
25-50 years male
Bhawanipali, Jujumora, Contact case

26-13 years male, Pandaripathar,Bamra, Active Surveillance case

27-40 years male, Kuntara,Kuchinda, Active Surveillance case

28-25 years male, Pandiadhip,Kusumi Active Surveillance case

29-25 years male
30-52 years
Bandhbahal,Kusumi, Active Surveillance case

31-28 years male,Kusumi, Kuchinda, Active Surveillance case

32-34 years male,Burla, Active Surveillance case

33-34 years female(Covid Warrior) VIMSAR, Burla, Active Surveillance case

34-71 years male, IG Market,Burla, Active Surveillance case

35-40 years male, Padiabahal,Jujumora, Active Surveillance case

36-12 years female, Khetrajpur, Active Surveillance case

37-14 years female
38-12 years male
Indra Chowk,Burla, Active Surveillance case

39-56 years female,Parkline, Ainthapali,Active Surveillance case

40-45 years male,Indira Chowk,Burla, Active Surveillance case

41-50 years male,Falsapali, Dhankauda, Active Surveillance case

42-25 years female
43-27 years female
44-36 years female
Burla, Active Surveillance case

45-39 years male,1R, Colony,Burla, Active Surveillance case

46-17 years male, Ainthapali, Active Surveillance case

47-26 years female(Covid Warrior) VIMSAR,Burla, Active Surveillance case

48-60 years male, Contractor colony,Active Surveillance case

49-59 years male, Padiabahal, Jujumora,Active Surveillance case

50-44 years male, Jagannath Colony, Budharaja, Active Surveillance case

51-38 years male, Balibandha,Active Surveillance case

52-29 years male, Near jail Chowk,Active Surveillance case

53-60 years male, Dhankauda, active surveillance case

54-62 years male, Talbhatapada,Active Surveillance case

55-54 years female
56-20 years female
57-60 years male
Golebazar,Active Surveillance case

58-78 years male
59-70 years female
Explosive colony,Active Surveillance case

60-30 years male, Hirakud,Contact case

61-49 years male,Lipinda, Jujumora,contact case

62-18 years male
63-45 years female
64-53 years female
65-42 years female
66-8 years male
67-37 years male
68-30 years female
Dhanupali,Active Surveillance case

69-34 years male
Kuchinda,Contact case

70-60 years male
Kuchinda, Active Surveillance case

71-19 years male, Tablakata, Jamankira,Contact case

72-29 years female
73-20 years male
74-48 years male
75-12 years female
76-88 years male
77-50 years female
Kusumi,Kuchinda,Active Surveillance case

78-30 years male,Shakinagar, Hirakud,Active Surveillance case

79-27 years male,Hirakud,Active Surveillance case

80-23 years male, Mohammadpur, Hirakud,active surveillance case

81-18 years male, Riverside colony,Hirakud,Active Surveillance case

82-32 years male
83-37 years male
84-34 years male
85-34 years male
86-43 years male
87-42 years male
88-28 years male
89-31 years male
90-37 years male
91-32 years male
Lapanga,Rengali, Active Surveillance case

92-27 years male, DIET colony, Ainthapali,Active Surveillance case

93-25 years female,Gochhra, Kuchinda,Active Surveillance case

94-25 years male,Bhalubahal,Kuchinda, Active Surveillance case

95-47 years male, Parmanpur, Maneswar,Active Surveillance case

96-48 years male, Pandaripathar, Bamra, Active Surveillance case

97-54 years male,Anand Vihar,Burla, Contact case

98-38 years female,Farm Road,Modipada, contact case

99-30 years male,Near JMJ hospital,Contact case

100-52 years female, Modipada, Active Surveillance case

101-18 years female, Ainthapali,contact case

102-51 years male, Shakinagar,Contact case