March 31, 2023

Sambalpur district reports 40 new COVID-19 positive cases, tally reached 342

NFTV: Odisha: Sambalpur: 40 new COVID-19 positive cases reported in Sambalpur district. With the detection of these cases tally reached to 342. 

1- 33 years female,Kuluthkani, detected during active surveillance
2- 32 years male3-30 years male4- 28 years male   All are from Mahanandpada,Burla, detected during active surveillance.
5- 20 years male, Budharaja, detected during active surveillance
6- 39 years male,7- 12 years male  Both are from Sonapali,SMC area, both are contact case
8- 30 years female ( COVID Warrior) GM College, Sambalpur, a contact case
9- 47 years male,(COVID Warrior),working at Dhanupali,UPHC,a contact case
10- 32 years female11- 38 years male12- 35 years female   All are from Kusthapada,SMC area, contact case
13- 47 years female, Cheruapada,SMC area, detected during active surveillance
14- 62 years female, Rajghat,SMC area, detected during active surveillance
15- 62 years male, 16-55 years female17- 35 years female18- 30 years male19- 42 years male20- 30 years female   All are from Kusthapada, SMC area, contact case
21- 47 years female22-50 years female23- 45 years female24- 40 years female25- 62 years female26- 40 years male27- 62 years male28-24 years male29- 30 years male30- 35 years female31- 14 years female  All are from Amripada,SMC area, detected during active surveillance.
32- 70 years female33- 30 years female34- 63 years male35- 53 years female36- 53 years female37- 20 years female38- 25 years female39- 19 years female40- 23 years male    All are from Kusthapada, SMC area,contact case.
    Today’s all cases are asymptomatic and being shifted to the dedicated COVID facility. Contact tracing is under progress.
   Regret to inform that,one death case reported today due to COVID-19. Deceased was 67 years male from Sambalpur but was getting treatment in Bhubaneswar hospital.