March 21, 2023

Six Web Journalists in Bhubaneswar Arrested on Extortion Charges

NFTV: Odisha: Jharsuguda: Six journalists of various webportals have been arrested on charges of extorting of an amount of Rs. 1.50 lakh from a ghee firm owner in Bhubaneswar. Police sources said that seven persons identifying themselves as the journalists of a web news channel, had demanded Rs 3 lakh which they had collected in installments. The first cash collected was the Rs. 99,000 and later Rs. 31,000 police added. The police have also seized 2 cars and 4 motorcycles from their possession. Consequently a raid has been conducted at the office of the concerned webportal.

In context of the Bhubaneswar issue,there is a demand among the people of Jharsuguda regarding keeping a close watch on the unethical practices by few webportals in the industrial district of Jharsuguda. Serious newsportals likely to be treated in bad light if the wrong doings and unethical practices of some webportals of the district are not taken into account; selected people of Jharsuguda who spoke to NFTV on this issue requested to hide their identity while publishing their statements. So, both police and press organizations are needed to work in unison to curb such unethical practices among digital media and mainstream media in Jharsuguda.