June 20, 2021

Tension running high in the Middle East after Soleimani got killed in US airstrike.

NFTV : World Desk : One of Iran’s most decorated and influential commanders and the man who architect the defeat of ISIS in Iraq Qassem Soleimani got killed in an American Airstrike near the Baghdad Airport on hours of Friday. following the attack where many countries including Russia and China trying ease, the tension and US started feeling the heat and secretary Mike Pompeo talking to many leaders of the other countries and trying to de-escalate the tension.

but Iran vows to take revenge for the assassination of their one of the top military commander. But the situation remains unchanged. The Iranian government and its ally equally condemning the assassination by the US and on the approval of US President Donald Trump is termed as the US-sponsored terrorism. The US equally issues travel advisory its citizens to left Iraq.

The Condemnation of this assassination not only from ally countries of Iran equally from the USA too, but Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders also posted a video on his twitter page and condemn the assassination.

After the assassination of Qassem Soleimani Iran puts its military on high alert in between Iran’s Supreme Leader announces the US and other perpetrators will be punished severely, in the meantime many airlines including Royal Jordanian Airlines and Gulf Air suspended their flight, Gulf Air suspends all flights to/from Bagdad and Najaf airports. Similarly, Royal Jordanian Airlines suspends all its flight to/from Bagdad Airport. American Oil Field staff are evacuating Iraq, says Oil Ministry of Iraq. At this very time, the Iraqi foreign ministry condemned the assassination of Soleimani. Kataib Hezbollah says Assaassasination of Qassem Soleimani marks the end of the US presence in Iraq.