May 9, 2021

Transwoman Activist Suchitra Dey demands equals right for Transgenders

NFTV : Kolkata :  Suchitra Dey,  An eminent transwoman activist, Educator & Environmentalist from Kolkata has questioned the government silences on the lives and livelihood, education and upkeep of the lakhs of Third Gender citizens in this country.  What laws have been implemented for the betterment of their future?  Most eunuchs  (Hijras)- deprived of home, relations, and education – depend on begging as a source of livelihood.  Very few lucky enough to receive a sound formal education and respect in Society like Miss Suchitra Dey. The present budget has no provisions whatsoever for the betterment of transgenders and LGBTQI  community as a whole. No opportunities have been brought to light to facilitate their absorption into mainstream education,  healthcare, and jobs. Simply passing a law to stop transgender beggars will create a fatal vacuum in their income capacity because they neither have the education nor any employment schemes.   Miss Suchitra Dey has raised concern about this callous attitude of the present government towards the LGBTQI community and she requests every one – man, woman and members of the third gender – to fight for their rights.