March 31, 2023

VIDEO: Indian Army officer found hanging in the room of Hotel Rajdoot in Jharsuguda of Odisha

NFTV : Odisha: Jharsuguda: An Indian Army Officer of Naib Subedar rank of 44th Artillery Regiment  ( Sikkim ) found hanging to death in room number 402 of Hotel Rajdoot in Jharsuguda of Odisha. According to the hotel manager and register of the hotel, deceased Shivappa Shidappa Wari was checked in on the 2nd of January around 4.30 PM. The deceased was stayed in the hotel till 8th of January 2020 till his found dead in the hotel room, according to the cleaner of the hotel because trade Union’s Bharat Bandh no sweeper came to work, the cleaner alone cleaned all the room of the hotel while he was reached room no 402 the door was not locked when shouted get no reply, the cleaner pushed the door and seen the body is hanging to a ceiling fan. The deceased Shivanapa Shidappa Wari was Belgaum district of Karnataka .

Jharsuguda town police seized the body and started an investigation of the matter. The family members of the deceased Naib Subedar expected to arrive at Jharsuguda on the 9th of January. The reason behind the death is still to be ascertained.